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Join our comprehensive course to excel in installing high-end residential door hardware.

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Watch hours of instructional videos led by Tony, The TIDY TRADIE Lockcarpenter, learn insider tips and techniques honed over years of experience. Engage in test questions, submit queries, and engage in 1-on-1 private chats for personalised guidance.

This unique carpentry / locksmith course will help bridge the knowledge and skill gap between Locksmithing and Carpentry. The emphasis is on installing non-standard residential door hardware from around the world.

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Learn Lockcarpentry online.

Our course features a dedicated app, fostering interaction across devices. Learn from anywhere, at your own pace, with no time pressure.

Access resources instantly, from photos and videos to documents and templates.

Acquire comprehensive clarity on installing various types of door hardware, including handles, locks, and more.


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You'll be a member of a private support group where you can ask questions and share knowledge within the community. This is where new friendships will be made.


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As a student, you'll enjoy a 10% discount on all full priced items at the Lockcarpentry Shop.


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Elevate your hardware installation work and stand out amidst the crowd. In a world of compromised craftsmanship, be the expert clients seek.

Discover the latest techniques for high-quality installations and gain the confidence to share your work on social media.


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Time saving material.

You will save time by having instant access to resources. You'll have quick access to photos, videos, documents and templates with done for you elements. The library of information will continue to build as we grow.

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Luxury brass door hardware.

Whether you're a perfectionist carpenter or a passionate DIY'er, our course caters to your aspirations. Break through challenges, niche down your skills, and access a lifetime of updated tips and materials.

Enhance your confidence, expand your business opportunities, and boost your expertise in installing all types of door hardware.


What’s in the Course?


Module 1 - Door hardware is called hard for a reason!

Door hardware is difficult

  • Understanding confusing instructions while under pressure.
  • Common problems with installing door hardware.
  • Non-compatible handles and locks.
  • Door thickness problems.
  • Missing parts.

Module 2 - Clients and suppliers.

Door hardware suppliers, clients and builders.

  • Dealing with customers/clients.
  • Dealing with hardware suppliers.
  • Dealing with builders.
  • Dealing with designers.

Module 3 - Setting up and marking out.

Marking out door hardware.

  • Marking handle heights and other hardware positions.
  • Various ways of marking out to avoid error.
  • Working on a door vertically or horizontally.

Module 4 - Drilling, mortising and routing.

Routing in door hardware.

  • Drilling the face and edge of the door.
  • Mortising.
  • Plunge routing.
  • Trimmer routing.

Module 5 - Door hardware.

Luxury door hardware

  • Handles.
  • Locks and latches.
  • Flush bolts.
  • Flush pull locks.
  • Strike plates etc.

Module 6 - Routers and trimmers.

Festool plunge router

  • What you need to know before buying a router.
  • Trimmer set up.
  • Router set up.

Module 7 - Router accessories.

Router accessories.

  • Flush cut bits vs. plunge cut bits with copy rings.
  • Router accessories you will need to have.
  • Uses for each type of router bit.

Module 8 - Jigs and templates.

Router jig for installing door hardware.

  • Various types of jigs and templates.
  • From basic to universal, adjustable and interchangeable.

Module 9 - Tools and accessories.

Specialist lockcarpentry tools

  • Tools commonly used by the TIDY TRADIE Lockcarpenter.
  • Basic and advanced.


Downloadable documents

  • How to patch old holes in doors and jambs.
  • Cheat sheets, tips and tricks.
  • Door lock and latch diary.
  • Your exemption for not needing a security licence.
  • And much more!

The Transformation

Once you fully understand everything taught in this course, you will be much more confident and enthusiastic about installing all types of handles and locks.

  • You’ll become an expert in the field in a quicker amount of time!
  • You will be more valuable as an employer or contractor.
  • Your reputation as an installer will grow exponentially.
  • Hardware suppliers will have more faith in recommending your service to their customers. 
  • You will have access to all the contents for life and have a support group to quickly answer your questions.
  • After you complete the course, there is the potential to receive door and lock jobs.

New training material will always be added so you will be plugged into continued learning.


Join Today for a Transformative Journey

The journey through the course could take at least 1-3 months, reaching a final exam at the end. 

All students that pass will receive a certificate of completion, signed by Tony, The TIDY TRADIE  Lockcarpenter.

From there the journey continues as more information is added, plus you will always have the online chat support with Tony and the group.


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