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Multi-Purpose Router Jig video

Now you can achieve perfect, clean cut-outs while routing dust free! An amazing invention designed by door hanging professionals. Create the best finish installing butt hinges, concealed hinges, lock faceplates, pivots, flush pulls, flush bolts, plus all other types of door hardware. Our low-cost interchangeable templates cater to all your needs.


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Concealed Hinge Online Course

Learn the ways to flawlessly install concealed door hinges and more.

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Virutex Mortiser Online Course

Learn how to get the most out of your mortising machine.

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Hi, I’m Tony, The TIDY TRADIE Lockcarpenter and welcome to my Lockcarpentry shop!

With nearly three decades of carpentry experience, I have predominantly focused on the installation of luxury door hardware, always striving for precision with my motto:

Done Once, Done Right!” Beyond my hands-on expertise, I wear multiple hats: an entrepreneur, the brain behind the TIDY TRADIE Work Mat, and the co-designer of the TIDY TRADIE Router Jig in collaboration with Doorprofi. I've also been a proud distributor of Cleanboot since 2010. My Mission is to empower YOU to excel in door hardware installation. Throughout my life as a carpenter, I've navigated and overcome many challenges so you can have a smoother journey.

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