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Double Corner Chisel

Double Corner Chisel

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Product Overview

Create 90-degree corner cuts with enhanced speed and accuracy, with two taps of the hammer. Effortlessly trim installation time with two cutters instead of one. The Double Corner Chisel is your go-to tool after routing out square-edged hinges and lock faceplates. Even tubular latch cut-outs become a breeze, thanks to its compact size and precision engineering.
Say goodbye to the limitations of single corner chisels that might veer away from the perfect 90-degree angle. The Double Corner Chisel emerges as your ally in accuracy, aiding you in aligning your cuts with unparalleled precision.


What's in the Package

1 double corner chisel.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Holden

Great service, fast response. Fantastic product.
If you are a professional carpenter, this is the goods!

I appreciate your review Michael and love the double corner chisel also.

Daniel Mcgrath

Great piece of equipment, way better than the single one I had

Thanks Daniel. Yeah once you try a double you never go back to a single.

Ed Miller

Great tool, having the double chisel makes all the difference!

Kieran Wilkinson
Great tool, saves alot of time

Awesome tool for door lock and hinge mortices. Saves time doing both corners at once rather than using a single corner chisel or a normal chisel on it's own.

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