Router Jig Basic Instructions.


The TIDY TRADIE Router Jig 2.0 has T-slots in the side rail to hold Festool clamps, which is a great feature. Irwin quick grip clamps or similar are also needed, depending on the set up. E.g wide door jambs require longer clamps.

How To Use The Jig

This video shows how to set the jig for installing a latch or lock.

You can see how the edge of the jig needs to be flush with the face of the 35mm door. Then the base plate centre line mark goes on 17.5 half the thickness of the door. You can sight the centre of the latch length with the template line, then do a small test cut. Once it's in the correct position, record the centre measurement on the black and white guide. By memory it could be 44.5 or 45.


I always do very slight plunge cuts to see if I'm centered, even if I'm doing multiple doors.

Routers have play in them so try cutting with the plunge locked and if too tight, unlock the plunge to cut a little bigger.

It all takes practice getting to know your router and jig but once you get the hang of it, it's brilliant.

Sometimes the jig doesn't need to be flush with the door face and you just sight 2mm off your pencil marks. This is the case for large cavities like pivots, flush bolts etc. You can site of a pencil mark when using the blank templates as well.

If you see any videos of mine where you would like more of an explanation, I can do a screen recording and talk you through it.


I hope that helps to get you started. It is an advanced router jig and you can do so much with it.



Tony Gouverneur

The TIDY TRADIE Lockcarpenter