Setting Up Your Router

To get the most out of your TIDY TRADIE Router Jig, you will need 1 or 2 plunge type routers.

The router bases need to be fitted with the correct size copy rings/bush guides.

Basically you're router needs a 16mm copy ring and a 12mm cutter to allow a 2mm clearance from the template. 4mm total difference.

This might seem like advanced carpentry work if you're not familiar with using routers and copy rings but with some training and practice... you will fall in love with it!

There is something very satisfying with plunging a sharp cutter into wood and seeing all the dust instantly sucked away. Warning... working with precision tools can get addictive!


Ok so what do you need to get started?


A small plunge type router.

For cutting out butt hinges, lock faceplates, strike plates, dust boxes, flush pulls, handle and cylinder holes etc. These routers require medium reach cutters, preferably 12mm wide, 70mm long and with plunge tips. They can also just be plain two flute cutters without plunge tips but it's not recommended.

Hikoki cordless router

These router bases all need to have copy rings or bush guides fitted.

You achieve this by using a 16mm copy ring with a 12mm cutter (4mm total difference).


A large plunge type router.

For cutting out lock bodies, flush bolts, concealed hinges, pivot mechanisms and other deep cavities. These routers require long reach cutters, preferably 12 or 16mm wide and 80 to 160mm long.


Makita 16mm copy ring


These router bases all need to have copy rings or bush guides fitted as well. You use a 16mm copy ring with a 12mm cutter (4mm total difference).

20mm copy rings are needed to use the 16mm cutters (4mm total difference).


With the Festool 1400 they only offer 17mm copy rings so we supply 13mm cutters (4mm total difference).

The other options for using a Festool 1400 router and using 16 and 20mm copy rings are:

  1. Attach another base plate that can hold copy rings which you can buy here Trend universal base.Trend Unibase -Lockcarpentry Shop
  2. Buy the special copy ring adaptor from Carbatec, then buy a copy ring - bush guide set here.
Festool copy ring adaptor
Festool 1400 router with special copy ring adaptor and bush guides.


You can use any other combination with this jig as long as the difference is always 4mm. E.g. 12mm copy ring and 8mm cutter.

Note: if you use different size copy rings other than what is recommended here, some templates won’t accept the bigger sizes. E.g. a 24mm wide copy ring won’t fit inside a 20mm template hole.