Collection: TIDY TRADIE Router Jigs

The ultimate TIDY TRADIE Router Jigs - with interchangeable templates. 

You can now achieve perfect, clean cut outs while working dust free! An amazing invention designed by seasoned door hanging professionals.

For installing butt hinges, concealed hinges, lock face plates, pivots, flush pulls, flush bolts, edge pulls and other door hardware.

Our low cost template inserts can be made to suit hundreds of applications.

You are not paying for something that is limited to a one size cut-out and with no other features. One routing template means less gear to carry around.

Benefits over today's popular hinge jigs:

  • You only need 1 jig to takes 100's of interchangeable templates.
  • It has an advanced dust extraction port.
  • The templates cost very little and are easily replaced.
  • Quickly adjusts by hand. No tools required.
  • Adapts to most types of timber doors and jambs.
  • Suits Festool and other clamps.
  • This jig is not limited to only 1 size hinge or lock.
  • No need to screw or nail holes into doors or jambs each time.

Our jig is the first of its kind, specifically made to suit the Australian market. Australia has never seen anything as advanced as the TIDY TRADIE Router Jigs!

If you're a carpenter or handyman but don't have the right gear to install hinges and other types of door hardware, we have the best jig for you!