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Trend Resin Cleaner

Trend Resin Cleaner

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Introducing the Trend Resin Cleaner, the epitome of deep cleaning for woodworking tools. This heavy-duty solution is meticulously formulated to combat the most stubborn wood resin.

A simple spray transforms hardened build-up, softening it to a state where a mere wipe restores your tool's pristine condition.

But it's not just about cleaning; it's about protection. Infused with a corrosion-inhibiting agent, the Trend Resin Cleaner doesn't just cleanse—it safeguards.

Whether it's your premium router bits, blades, or other precision cutters, trust in a solution that ensures longevity and performance. Elevate your tool maintenance with a cleaner that promises unparalleled efficacy and care.


Trend resin cleaner. Heavy duty wood resin remover.

Once you spray this on hard built up resin, it softens it very quickly so you can easily wipe it off.

Includes corrosion inhibiting agent. For cleaning and protecting your quality router bits blades and other cutters.

What's Included

1 x 100ml spray bottle.

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