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Viking Arm

Viking Arm | Jack Clamp

Viking Arm | Jack Clamp

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Product Overview

If you're a solo installer of doors, windows, or joinery, the original Viking Arm jack clamp is your ultimate solution. Designed to effortlessly lift heavy objects into position, this tool is an indispensable addition to your kit, ensuring precise and hassle-free installations. It allows you to lift, lower, or clamp with exact control, significantly boosting productivity and saving both time and money. Crafted with top-notch materials, this tool's sturdiness and durability eliminate installation struggles, making your work seamless. The Viking Arm | Jack Clamp With a sturdy 6mm base plate and a lifting capacity of 150kg, it is your trusted partner for lifting heavy doors during installations. This tool is your go-to assistant in handling heavy lifting effortlessly, transforming your installation experience.


Original product from the makers in Norway.
Lifting capacity: 150kg
Beware of the many fake inferior copies!

What's in the Package

Comes as a single or set, fitted with a 6mm base plate.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Santangelo
Viking Arm

Awesome product.

Thanks Peter. So good for lifting doors!

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