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Viking Arm

Viking Arm | Jack Clamp

Viking Arm | Jack Clamp

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If you install doors, windows or joinery on your own, then you need the Viking Arm jack clamps in your kit. It precisely lifts heavy things in and out of position.

Buy a pair and save!

  • Lift, lower or clamp with precision and control.
  • Increases productivity, saving time and money.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Components of highest quality.
  • Eliminates the struggle.
  • 6mm base plate.
  • 3mm base plate (Optional accessory not included).

It's like having a laborer that works for free. The Viking Arm will easily lift a heavy door for you while removing or installing.

Base plate 6mm x 105mm x 87mm.

Lifting capacity: 150kg (Only with 6mm base plate).

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Santangelo
Viking Arm

Awesome product.

Thanks Peter. So good for lifting doors!