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Medium Reach Router Bit - 13W x 80L x 8S

Medium Reach Router Bit - 13W x 80L x 8S

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Product Overview

Experience the enhanced performance of using specialist cutters in your plunge router. These bits are suited specifically for installing door hardware, combined with a router jig.
They offer remarkable durability and cutting performance, for professional hardware installers. Every cutter has a special plunge cutting tip unlike standard router bits.
Short cutters are ideal for shallow mortising of hinges, lock faceplates, strikes, flush pulls, and more. They guarantee clean and precise cuts. Paired with the TIDY TRADIE Router Jig, it ushers in a new era of precision and efficiency. Elevate your carpentry projects with a tool that caters to the specific needs of professionals, making shallow plunge cuts a breeze and redefining the way you approach your work.


What's in the Package

Specifically designed for lock installers to make plunge cuts into timber and aluminium doors and jambs. Festool routers only have 17mm copy rings so 13mm cutters achieve the 4mm offset.

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