About Me

Growing up amidst the charm of Dunedin, New Zealand, my journey into the world of carpentry began with an apprenticeship at the age of 16. Those early days saw me navigating the ropes of the trade while adapting to the rigours of the job, all while surviving on a humble first-year apprentice wage of around $10 per hour. A bunch of schoolmates and I embarked on a rental adventure, confronting the challenges that came our way.

Working in a dynamic company with a mix of seasoned carpenters and apprentices, I had the opportunity to experience various aspects of carpentry across different job sites. The rotation allowed me to gather a rich tapestry of skills and insights, each contributing to my growth. First-year apprentices typically grappled with ground-level tasks, tackling everything from digging to formwork, even in the biting cold of the winters. The lessons learned during those early years laid a strong foundation of resilience and perseverance.

As I advanced through my apprenticeship, my involvement with power tools increased, and I graduated to construct timber frames. My determination led me to gain the confidence of the carpenters around me, enabling me to take on more intricate tasks and play a part in shaping the finer details of projects. It was a time of constant learning and building mental toughness, while also coming to terms with the fact that the road ahead was paved with continuous growth and challenges.

The turning point came when I made the move to Sydney, Australia, and ventured into running my own business. The unfortunate passing of my uncle, a seasoned builder, catalyzed my decision to embark on a path of entrepreneurship. The challenges were many, but the motivation to create a niche that merged my carpentry skills with a keen eye for door hardware installation drove me forward. In the process, I coined the term "lockcarpenter," embodying the fusion of two distinct skill sets into a harmonious trade.

From Dunedin's frosty construction sites to Sydney's luxury homes, my journey has been one of evolution, adapting to new environments, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. The journey of coining and trademarking the term "lockcarpenter" was more than just a professional milestone—it was a testament to the commitment to craftsmanship and a reflection of the dedication to a unique and impactful trade. With each passing project, my mission remains steadfast: to redefine precision, enhance expertise, and blend woodworking artistry with architectural hardware finesse in the ever-evolving world of construction and design.