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Large Work Mat 1m x 1.2m

Large Work Mat 1m x 1.2m

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Presenting the Original TIDY TRADIE Work Mat, the craftsman's trusted companion. Measuring 1m wide x 1.2m long with a thickness of 1.5mm, this mat is the go-to for locksmiths and carpenters who prioritize both their work and their workspace. Protect floors and benchtops with confidence. This work mat is meticulously designed to shield against accidental scratches, dents, burn marks, and unsightly stains. Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and respect for your workspace by choosing the TIDY TRADIE Work Mat.

Exclusively available online, not found in stores.


Portable surface protection.
Thin enough to slip under doors.
Crafted from robust natural insertion rubber.
Rolls compactly with secure velcro straps.
Unrolls and lays flat, resisting any curl.
The TIDY TRADIE logo shows the customer that you care.
A product of Australian craftsmanship since 2008.

What's in the Package

1 work mat.

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